We love stories and we love writing them down even more. Our favourite way of telling something is via an inspiring text: one that makes you forget you are reading at all. What we love most is interviewing people and based on that interview write up a beautiful background story or a personal profile.

We already have lots of experience in writing. Mostly in Dutch. We used to do this under the name hedmedia. Be sure to check out our Dutch portfolio there.

What our clients have to say about that

“Hedwig is a peoples person. That's her strength. Her empathic skills and her good writing make it a pleasure to work with her. Not only does she contribute, she can help making a concept even better. Hedwig is a good understander. So she is easy to brief. Her work outdoes expectations every time."

Rik ToeWater

Creative Director at MEC Nederland

“Hedwig is active, resourceful and creative. She things along how to develop our company and she is very dedicated. To work with Hedwig feels like working with a very pleasant colleague. Hedwig has a sharp pen, always ask the right questions in interviews and delivers well build stories.”

Carolien Vader

Contentstrategist and magazine maker at The Big Story and

“Hedwig charmes friend and foe, she even knows how to get revelations out of uptight businessmen. From celebrities to stock market guys: Hedwig goes in and is not afraid to ask the right questions and knows how to put that to paper in a nice way. A (still young) talent, that should get more opportunities."

Dirk Koppes

Journalist and former chief editor culture section at dagblad De Pers

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SLOW Productions Ltd. is founded in December 2016 by Hedwig Wiebes and Jeroen Bosman. As of October 2016 we've sold our house and all of our belongings to become digital nomads and travel the world in a 32 year old Volkswagen van named Chewie, together with our dogs Tommie and Olaf.

With the founding of SLOW Productions we joined our skills in a company for the first time. Check out the rest of our website to see what we can do for you.

Why are we based in the Seychelles? Let us explain: This is not because we want to evade taxes or any other dodgy motive. This is because it was one of the few options we actually had, not having a fixed address decimates ones choices a lot.


Hedwig Wiebes

editor in chief


Jeroen Bosman



Tommie & Olaf


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What are the options?

Social Influencing

We can promote your product or brand on the social media and the website of our project: Live slow, drive slower. For a fixed fee per post we will reach out to our fans and help you grow your audience and brand awareness.

Affiliate Program

We can set up an affiliate program for you. We will place a call to action on our social media and website of Live slow, drive slower. You will provide us with the bone to throw (giveaways, discounts). For this, we'll take a percentage of the extra generated turnover.


You think our project Live slow, drive slower is awesome and you want us to continue for as long as we can. You will pay us a monthly fee and we will promote you to partner of Live slow, drive slower. Please contact us to know what the perks of being a partner are.


You absolutely love Live slow, drive slower and you never want it to stop. The world is big and you want to make sure that we cover every inch of it. So you decide to sponsor our project so we can do just that. Please let us know a.s.a.p. if that's the case, because we love you back.

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Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!

Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!

Slow Productions Ltd.

Company nr. 190002

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Unit 117, Orion Mall, Palm Street, P.O. Box 828, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles

Phone Jeroen:

+31 (0)6 216 522 23

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